Examples of Do-It-Yourself Speakers


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The Pastor-Built for a Cleryman's Den

ThThe SideWoofer Line

Transmission Line Design With 4 Inch Woofer

PPublished In The May 2008 Audio Xpress Magazine


TThe Twin Towers- Line Array -9 Speakers Per Side

TTwo Woofer Transmission Line


The Sewer Pipe Transmission Line With 4 Inch Woofer

EEight driver Line Array-4 Inch Speakers


26 Driver Line Array -20 Tweeters-6 Woofers

The HI Five a David B.Weems Corner Speaker From 1957


Building The Twin Towers

Installing The Speakers


Transmission Line Using a 6X9 inch Speaker With Whizzer Cone

Dual 12 Inch Sealed System

Published In the March 2010 Audio Xpress Magazine

Published in Speaker Builder 2-1997


Firestick Speakers Using Audience A 3 Woofer and JVC 1' X 4" In a line array

,The  "Wedge" WIth 12" side firing woofer  and MTM Midrange-Tweeter

Published in the July 2010 issue of Audio Xpress Magazine

PPublished in the March 2011 issue of Audio Xpress Magazine
TThe Castles-Omnidirectional Speakers  12 Piezo Tweeters-12 6 Inch Midrange-
2 10 Inch Woofers downfiring. Featured in the September 2011 of Audio Xpress magazine.
The "Cathedrals" dual eight inch ported. As featured in the December 2013 issue of Audio Xpress magazine.