The 13Th United State Army Security Agency Field Station

Menwith Hill Station Harrogate, Yorkshire England

1960 -1966



Fifteen years after the end of the Second World War,  the United States Army returned to the United Kingdom to participate in what was known as the " The Cold War ".  One facet of this War involved the "capture" of electronic signals rather than men, and the weapons employed were the best of the communications and computer equipment of the time. The men who fought this war were selected from the top ten per cent of the US Army enlistees and officer corps, and were members of the super-secret and elite, United Sates Army Security Agency (ASA).


The ASA operated both from fixed installations, known as field stations, and were also assigned to combat unit support  throughout the world.   The ASA was the leading intelligence gathering agency in the Vietnam conflict and the officially recognized first US soldier killed in Viet Nam was ASA Sp4 Jerry Davis, killed on 22 December 1961.

The 13th USASA Field Station, now known as RAF Menwith Hill , located in Yorkshire England, was  established in 1960 and operated as an ASA military base until 1966, when it became a facility operated by the National Security Agency . It remains today, as RAF Menwith Hill, a major component of the world wide intelligence gathering community, fifty years after its official establishment in 1960. 


Those members of the ASA who served at Menwith Hill formed an association and hold reunions every two years . The WEB Site is www.menwith.com   or write to the 13th USASA Field Station Association, 609 South Main Street, Red Springs, NC 28377-1805 or email at WGarner440@aol.com.    Learn about the ASA at this web site http://nasaa-home.org/ and the National Security Agency at; www.nsa.gov  Want to locate a ASA buddy? Go to ASA Lives  To visit the ASA successor agency, INSCOM, click on the below logo.




Photos From Menwith hill


AriMenwith Hill 1967

RAF Menwith Hill 2006

13th 13thUSASA COat of Arms

TETEBO Intercept Station